It’s All About Tile

It’s All About Tile

Proxy Design is a big fan of tile. It has been used in American homes for decades, from backsplashes to flooring to walls. You’d think it’d be going out of style by now, right? Well, it may have been. But thanks to recent technological advances such as 3D printing and digital inkjet technologies, there are exciting new possibilities for tile and tile design!


Tile is the most durable flooring option on the market – it’s easy to clean, low maintenance, and holds up against wear and tear. But, homeowners want more. More design options, more colors, more patterns – more everything! Thankfully, improvements in the tech world have given us the ability to make classic tiles realistically mirror a variety of other materials. Wood, stone, marble – even fabric! The possibilities are endless.

wood look tile

Cottage Grey Wood Look Tile

marble tile

Queen Beige Polished Marble Tile

porcelain tile

Neo Charcoal Porcelain Tile


Now, when talking colors, homeowners are starting to look for bold looks that set their home apart. Grey, blonde, traditional white, and muted colors are particularly popular. There’s also been a mention of aqua within the industry – but experts don’t expect this trend to last, unless it’s in a bathroom floor or a shower. Personally, Proxy Design loves the idea of using aqua tiles as accents in bathrooms, like in this project we completed in Ardmore, PA.

aqua accent tile

Aqua Accent Tile in Shower – Full Bathroom Remodel in Ardmore, PA


Now, when you think of tiling patterns, you probably think of the boring classic of squares laid in a uniform pattern. Well, there plenty of fresh layouts that will catch your eye and have you craving a new look for your home! Right now, Proxy Design is OBSESSED with the herringbone pattern! It has so many possibilities and transformations, and can easily transform a space! We used the herringbone pattern for this custom kitchen backsplash we completed in Conshohocken, PA (see below).

herringbone pattern

Herringbone Pattern – Custom Backsplash installed in Conshohocken, PA

Other popular patterns that the industry has been seeing heavy use of is geometric, arabesque, shapes, and large format/plank.

Large Format/Plank Pattern

arabesque tile

Arabesque Pattern

Hexagon Pattern

What style, color or pattern are you most drawn to when it comes to tile? Could you see any of these trends in your home? Let us know in the comments below!! And if you’re ready for a remodel or upgrade, give us a call today!