This large four-bedroom town home in Center City was going to be used as an Airbnb property. When our client contacted us about the project, he described a blank canvas that needed the works, which we love. Cosmetic upgrades, fresh paint, new furniture and modern decor – everything. We had nearly free reign for design/color, another bonus, however, there was a catch… He needed the whole project completed in 3 weeks. But we love a good challenge. So, with lots to do and no time to waste, we got right to work.

Because this property was going to be used as an Airbnb, we had to be careful about the design style we chose. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable, while also providing a sense of luxury and richness. So, we chose a modern design style that would be agreeable to everyone. “Airbnb Decor”, if you will.

All furniture and decor was sourced from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and West Elm. All drink- and cookware was sourced from Williams-Sonoma.


Fairmount, Philadelphia




3 weeks