When we got our hands on this property, it was a full white-wash and very closed off. But, in the end it happened to be the best way for us to walk our client through the spaces and visualize our new design ideas.

We started by blowing out some walls to open up the layout. The old wood paneled flooring was ripped out and replaced with new dark-paneled hardwood. For the staircase, we decided on a variation of our iconic custom wire railing, which we built out of forged steel. The stair treads were also completely replaced and hand stained to match the new hardwood flooring throughout the living and kitchen areas.We were able to use most of the existing layout in the kitchen, which had good bones. But we took out more walls to make an open concept kitchen, and put in a granite island that overlooks the living room. The clients were thrilled with the upgrades!


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania




6 weeks