Fine woodworking is a tedious, yet rewarding art form. After taking a look at the Walnut Bathroom, we think you’ll agree that this project speaks to that sentiment. It is currently our largest custom woodworking project to date.

When we had our initial walk-through of this bathroom, which is in a beautiful historic home in Philadelphia, we immediately recognized how terribly outdated it was. It didn’t at all match the beauty of the historic home, and we knew that we had a lot of work to do! We started by gutting the entire bathroom, from top to bottom. Once we ripped out the old tile flooring and stripped the walls, we had a fresh canvas to start creating our woodworking masterpiece. First, we ordered two solid logs of English Dark Walnut from our local exotic wood distributor. These were milled into 1″ planks of various widths before being taken back to our shop for woodworking. We hand routed over 75 pieces of custom trim, which we then crafted into the wainscoting and flooring. The shower door is a 4-piece glue-up, with additional trim added to fit. We also added decorative inset shelving along the top of the walls, which we completed by adding additional trim.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




3 weeks