This beautiful Tudor style home was built in 1935. Until we arrived, that was also probably the last time the wooden trim work and the 54 original steel windows had ANY decent attention. The window glazing was falling out & trim was stained far too many times. The couple who recently bought the home were eager to restore the outside to its original glory, so we got right to work on the window rehab.

We started by stripping and sanding all of the wooden trim work around the home. We also removed the glazing from all 54 windows. Next was focusing specifically on the window rehab – we used a glazing compound to re-glaze the edges of each window pane. This ensures a solid seal before the final task of painting.

The stain used on the wooden trim had been over-applied through the years. The over-saturated wood would no longer hold the stain, so it was time to choose something more everlasting. We opted for Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic paint, which has exceptional durability. We stayed with classic black for the trim, and chose a bright red as the accent color for the window glazing.

Now the homeowners (and everyone else) can enjoy the outside of their home as much as the inside.


Drexel Hill, PA




3 weeks