Ahh, testimonials. We take great pride in client relations! Below are a few examples of what past clients and collaborators had to say about working with us.

Gregs Testimonial

I hired Martin Durkin and Proxy Design to renovate my kitchen and update my dining and living areas. Martin worked side-by-side with me to pick color schemes and create an overall theme for these rooms. Working within my budget, he personally helped me pick furniture and fixtures to accent these rooms. He was highly creative and talented when came to designing the rooms and proposed ideas that I never would have considered. Martin was very reliable and professional throughout the contruction process and was finished the project in a timely manner. I now have three rooms which I am proud to show people and also feel very much like home. I am very happy with my decision to used Martin and Proxy Design.


Jims Testimonial

Martin Durkin has done several large renovation projects on my historically registered house in Society Hill including a full bathroom remodel, replacement of the bannisters and newels on my stairs, and conception, design and creation of a magical and relaxing garden space out of what had been a noisy and dismal concrete space that stared directly into the garage.

He has wonderful design eye, great ideas and he is fast, efficient and clean while still delivering excellent craftsmanship on his projects. I am in the process of planning with him to do full renovations of my kitchen, office/guest room and master bath. Working with Martin is a great experience and a good value.

Jim Testimonial

Mike and Emily testimonial

We’d like to think of Martin as our personal contractor to our home in Conshohocken that was bought in Spring 2014. Since we’ve opened our doors, and let Martin / Proxy Design come in, he’s been involved with every project so far. Proxy Design has renovated our kitchen, staircases, floors, and deck.
Right from the get go, he had a vision for our home that we did not see when first looking at the property, and it looks great.

To have a contractor that can offer style and design, while also having the skill set to get the job done, is a very appreciated combo. There were times that Martin had to encourage us to take some risks, to be sure that we’d be satisfied with the project by the end of it. 99% of the time, he was on point with how we should look

The most important part of the renovation, because of the recent down payment on the home, was the budget. Martin worked extremely hard to be flexible with that end of things. Majority of the decisions he presented to us, came with a few options, letting us know where we could save money.

The best part of working with Martin, is he appreciates an open dialogue with his customers on how to make the project work for everyone involved. Whether it’s design, budget, dead lines, ideas, or concerns – he welcomes and attempts to adapt to keep you happy.

If you’re looking for a contractor/interior designer, that is flexible and accommodating to your needs, hire Martin’s Proxy Design

– Emily McGeever & Mike Durkin


Scott testimonial

Marty was referred to me by I friend that I trust for some renovation work at my home in Queen Village.

Although I’m an architect and had a vision for what I wanted to get done, Marty was very helpful in refining the design and offering up new ideas.

He’s extremely creative and able to balance cost efficiency with aesthetics to deliver the best product.

Marty is a true craftsman with an incredible focus on detail. He takes great pride in his work and that is reflected in the finished project.

I’m very pleased with the end result of the work. The renovation added more value than I spent and the space in my house was really transformed.

I continue to get compliments on the work and appreciate that Marty still checks in regularly to make sure everything is going well.

I’d recommend Marty to anyone that either has an idea for a project or who needs advice. He’s a true pro and a pleasure to deal with!

Scoot Test

DJ testimonial

Over the course of my two years working with Designs by Proxy, I learned a level of skill and professionalism, that is quite frankly, hard to find. When you take pride in the work you are performing, it is easy to work to a higher standard. This was always the case working under Martin. We designed and accomplished some exciting projects that I for one, am very proud of. With an attention to detail and work a work ethic that are unmatched to my eyes, Designs by Proxy is a great company that I am happy to have been, and continually be part of.

Dj Testimonial

Carly Melchert

What to say about Marty and Proxy by Design. Well, for starters Marty is an incredibly hard worker. He does outstanding work and is honest. You can entrust that your home is being well cared for while Marty is there working whether you’re there or not. He has impeccable taste and has high standards for the work he does. Marty is also incredibly funny.

Carly Melchert

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