Top Trends for 2018

Top Trends for 2018

Design trends are constantly changing and evolving – what was in last year may not be in this year. Or, what was in 10 years ago may be making a comeback! At Proxy Design, we are known for using “timeless” design elements in our work. However, it is always important to stay current on today’s trends, and integrate them into our current work. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some of this year’s top emerging trends!

Trends That Are Staying Around

Based on an article found on, there are several trends that are going to be sticking around from 2017:

  1. Millennial Pink: this trend is said to have emerged around 2014, and has become popular not only in design, but in fashion and pop-culture as well.
    millennial pink - 2018 trends

    Photo: Daniel Herendi / Courtesy of Amanjena

  2. Mid-Century Modern: this is characterized by flat planes, large windows, changes in elevation and integration with nature.
    mid-century modern - 2018 trends

    Phillip Johnson Glass House

  3. Shiplap: this is a kind of wooden board that is typically used to construct the exterior of sheds and barns, but lately it has made it’s way to the interior of homes as walls and ceilings.

There are also quite a few trends that some top designers feel are going to be making a comeback in 2018. From colors and patterns, to minimalist decorating – let’s explore!

Top Color & Pattern Trends for 2018


For the past few years, beige and neutral colored interiors have been increasingly popular. However, this year there seems to be the general consensus that people want more color in their homes. Timothy Corrigan, one of the leading interior designers in the world, has said that he’s noticed a “…big return to bright and clear colors…”. Neutral tones are on their way out!

Designers like Alex Papachristidis and Peter Dunham also seem to agree. Earthy yellows and greens will be used more frequently, as they help brighten the room and help bring a nature-feel into the home.

Pastels and “ice-cream colors” are also making a comeback. According to Miles Redd, “…they are so pretty and easy to live with.” Some colors he’s been using frequently in his designs are lemon chiffon, pistachio, lettuce and delphinium blue.


Two major patterns are becoming increasingly popular this year.

  1. Chintzes & Printed Fabrics: not only is this making a comeback in fashion, but it’s also started to make it’s way onto walls, window treatments and furnishings! Influential designer Kathryn Ireland thinks colors like “…turquoise, apple green, and shocking pink” are going to be seen more and more frequently. Interior decorator Paloma Contreras also seems to agree that floral chintzes will make their mark this year.
    chintz - 2018 trends

    Courtesy of Lizzie Montgomery

  2. Geometric: this was popular in 2017, mainly for carpets and upholstery. However this year, it has expanded it’s reach to tiles, wallpaper and art! So don’t expect this to go away too quickly. Miles Redd is also a fan of geometric shapes in his designs.
    geometric pattern in bathroom - 2018 trends

    Courtesy of West One Bathrooms

Decorating Styles

Living Spaces

According to designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, many people have begun to convert the traditional dining room in their homes and apartments to a more functional space, such as a library or media room.


In recent years, white kitchen’s have become quite popular – they embody the idea of beautiful, classic and timeless. However, designer Jean Liu believes that kitchens in 2018 will have a more sultry vibe, with “…darker, moodier, dramatic [colors]…” that really make a statement. From cabinets and appliances, to wall coverings and backsplashes – white seems to be on it’s way out.

What 2018 trends are catching your eye? Let us know in the comments below – and if you’re ready to update your home, give us a call today!